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My name is Mark Vasiliy Smetanin. Today, people love me and want to do business with me. I am a unique partner with a proven record of accomplishment. Therefore, I can work without discounts and choose partners for my projects. However, it was not always like this. I made my way to prime negotiating through fire, through rises and falls, through hardships and challenges.

I lost my business 2 times in my life. I was sleeping on the floor, dreaming about a BIG future. While working as an employee, I tried everything possible, implementing new methodologies and technics. I spent over 10,000 hours mastering my managerial skills and 12,000 working on my IT skills, and my management education.

Back then, at the sunrise of my career, I was providing consulting for different companies. My salary was insufficient for basic food and room in a dorm. At that time, more than 60% of IT companies in Ukraine experienced a shutdown. Many people lost their jobs. I was in fear of losing my last resources for living.

I decided to obtain the best managerial education in Europe. It was a tough time when I was returning home by metro in a dangerous neighborhood with criminals and drug-addicted people. I found my inner power in my memories and meditation. Remembering my karate practice, my dojo, and my Sensei… Ichi, ni, san… I knew I was a Champion, and I was born for greatness.

I always could work harder than anybody else. I was not so talented, but I knew I could work it out, sweat it out, or even blood it out.

Sometimes, I am fully focused on my goals and achievements. But one thing… I love people and want to help those who have the fire inside. Those who are willing to work hard and are just looking for a chance to make dreams come true.

I am helping and motivating people all the time to deliver their best to become better every day. I believe my mission is to make those necessary small steps with those who need support. One of my biggest dreams is to build an orphanage for talented children, help them accomplish what they want, and become the brightest business people in history.

I am passionate about management and negotiations. I am dynamic and active, learning every day and looking for improvements. Bold and striving to get better results every day. To help other people not by words but through actions.

Some people believe I am firm and bold with others. They are right. I always keep promises. I know what I want and what I am ready to sacrifice to achieve results. People see me as a tough but fair person.

My prime objective in my daily work is to achieve my goals. I always go after things I want, no matter what. If I am in pain or just tired, I always find a way to untap my inner power and make one more, although minor, step forward. My passion for success and my strong focus differentiate me as a businessperson.

However, I have my weak sides too. Weirdly, sometimes I can operate and control business but forget to go to the hospital or to some party or event that I planned before. It isn’t very reassuring that someone who can manage a business brilliantly may forget about his birthday or some critical family event.

Even though I can fully control my feelings and stress during negotiations and business processes, at home, I can completely lose my temper and get crazy about some small spots on the wall.

That is who I am: always an extremely positive and highly demanding person, ready to not only reach the peak of any mountain but also take other people with me and help them achieve the success they deserve and they might have never imagined through prime negotiating.

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